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The South Burlington Police Department has a combined strength of 65 people, comprised of an authorized force 42 officers, along with our in-house emergency communication center personnel, records management team, human trafficking and alternative justice partners, and animal control team.  Need some help?  We're generally the first call for those in South Burlington.  Join the team and find out what it means to be indispensable.

South Burlington Police detective
Tanner Palermo
South Burlington Police dispatcher
Michele Shepard

Detective Palermo serves in our Bureau of Criminal Investigations.  His caseload comprises everything from burglaries to narcotics investigations, technology facilitated crimes to financial schemes and violent felony assaults.

Dispatcher Shepard has been serving since 2012 in our communications center.  With over a decade of being the first person people hear when help is needed, Michele handles crisis like a pro and is the lifeline for our cops.

South Burlington K-9 officer with dog
Sarah Keller
K9 Officer

The poster child of the agency, K-9 Rush and his two-legged partner, Cpl. Keller, work the road interdicting drugs, tracking lost individuals and generally making people happy with a playful bark and slobber.

South Burlington Police school resource officer
Brianne Williamson

Helping set the foundation for the next generation, Cpl. Williamson spends her days in the schools building bridges to our children.  She teaches DARE, supports several summer programs, and accompanies South Burlington School District children on numerous trips.  Cpl. Bri's goal is to make sure our kids know they can always ask an officer for help.

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